Yes, there is good reason why Deadpool should have a shocked look on his face. Tim Miller, who helped make the 2016 hit film a success with fans well, everywhere, has dropped out of doing the sequel.

The reason is an all-too familiar issue with filmmakers and studios today: creative differences. However, in this case, it appears it was creative differences between Miller and Ryan Reynolds, who will return to play the “merc with a mouth”. On the upside, the exit was amicable. Miller never formally signed to return to helm the film, but he was helping with the script and even assisted in the recent work on casting the role of Domino.

As for Fox, they really do like Miller and as a result, they signed him to direct a movie adaptation of Influx, based on the novel by David Suarez. With Miller’s absence, a hunt is on for a new helmer as filming is expected to begin early next year for its 2018 release date.

H/T: Dark Horizons