Over the past few months, we haven’t heard much about the long-awaited sequel to the hit superhero film Deadpool. However, one thing that had been confirmed is that the character of Domino will be appearing in the film.

Director Tim Miller reportedly screen tested a few names and recently, more actresses’ names have been in contention for the role of the mutant government assassin who joins forces with the other confirmed newcomer to the fold, Cable. While no names have popped up on Cable as of yet, a slew of actresses names have popped up to possibly take the role of Domino? And here are your contenders (in order by slide):

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  1. Lizzy Caplan
  2. Mary Elizabeth Winstead
  3. Sienna Miller
  4. Sofia Boutella
  5. Stephanie Sigman
  6. Sylvia Hoeks
  7. Mackenzie Davis
  8. Ruby Rose
  9. Kelly Rohrbach
  10. Eve Hewson

Who would you pick out of these ten to play Domino? Look for Deadpool 2 in 2018 from Fox and Marvel

H/T: Dark Horizons