Following up on his crime drama Sable, filmmaker Michael Matteo Rossi is gearing up to star a new series starring YouTube star Tyrone Magnus. To get a look at Tyrone Magnus, here’s a taste of what he is known on YouTube for:

Magnus takes the lead in Vengeance, an upcoming series where he plays “Derrick Chambers, a blue-collar worker barely making ends meet to provide for his family  – a special needs daughter, a son needing braces and his devoted wife trying to keep it all together. In a desperate move, he becomes a runner for a lethal crime organization dealing in human trafficking. When a job goes wrong, due to Derrick’s crisis of conscience, his bosses avenge his betrayal by killing his son, severely beating his wife and kidnapping his daughter. In trying to rescue his daughter, he is captured by the mob bosses, beaten, tortured, and left for dead. They bury his body in a hole filled with toxic waste that not only revives Derrick, but endows him with super powers. Now his mission is clear: Revenge!”

The series co-stars Brianna Mazzola and Phillip Musumeci.

Soap opera actress Tracey Bregman serves as executive producer and had this to say about the series:

“In this testosterone driven show, it is always important to show all sides. As someone who has been involved with dramatic storytelling for years, I bring a different perspective. It is just as important to show the emotional inner workings that drive our protagonist. But our show will be a roller coaster, physically and mentally!”

Rossi had this to say about casting Magnus in the lead role:

“Tyrone and I began talking because I had watched his videos on YouTube and loved his energy and charisma, so I decided to reach out to him. After talking for awhile, we realized that we had the same aspirations and goals and I invited him to visit me in LA and we instantly became good friends.” 

Rossi followed it up with what he hopes for the show:

“There are fantastical elements to the story, but it’s rooted in grit and dark, character-driven themes. I see this series as a blend of the 1980s RoboCop and The Punisher series, with a bit of Deadpool thrown in as well.”

An official trailer will drop tomorrow. Look out for WFG as more news on this series develops!

Thanks to Lisa Lyons for breaking the news for this new series. Check out the quick teaser below: