There is a lot of ground to cover with this month’s Indie Action Spotlight, so let’s get to it!!!

Our highlight clip this month is a short fight practice from the LBP Stunts Chicago Team. Choreographed and directed by the talented Emmanuel Manzanares, this clip features LBP members Micah Karns and Brian Sloyer in a weapons/close-quarter combat clip.

This month’s highlight stunt reels features the likes of Omar Zaki, Chris Romrell, Elisabeth Carpenter, PeiPei Alena Yuan, Travis Staton-Marrero, Haitao “Johnny” Zhao, Wendy Vrijenhoek, and Aaron Delaney. Check out their respective YouTube channels for more on these talented performers.

This month’s featured action shorts:

Disorder (Imran Jiffry)

Autonomous (George Varotsis)

Gangster (S. Naveen Chandra)

The Promise (Dr. Sabarinadh & Dr. Praveen)

Retribution (Canet Ozorok)

Metroid: A Live Action Film (Devan & Brandon Davidson)

Agent 187 (Elysia Shackelford)

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