With Donnie Yen‘s recent announcement of a fourth Ip Man movie in development and the holidays coming up soon, here’s a nifty gift for fans of the first three installments.

Well Go USA Home Entertainment will unleash the Ip Man Trilogy movie set on October 11. That’s right…one week from today.

The trilogy revolves around the Wing Chun grandmaster whose most famous student was none other than the legendary Bruce Lee, who appears as a child in Ip Man 2, as played by Jiang Daiyan, only to be played by Danny Chan in a more extended cameo in Ip Man 3.

The trilogy will be available on both DVD and Blu-Ray, so on October 11, check your local stores from Well Go USA’s release of the Ip Man Trilogy.

To pre-order your copy of this prolific trilogy, click on the image below: