The gang from La Brassiere, along with the core crew, are back in this hilarious sequel that now focuses on a new product: an ultimate baby product!

Nanako, the founder of a local brassiere company, is pregnant with her first child with her businessman husband. Excited about the news, Nanako and her husband purchase the company. They would like the brassiere’s chairman, Samantha, to form a team to create a new product for mothers called the “Mighty Baby”. Samantha hires designer Lena and her now ex-boyfriend Johnny to handle the project. Johnny, despite his breakup with Samantha, is excited that he has an executive position and goes on hiring a secretary. However, there is something, or better yet, someone missing.

That someone is Wayne, who had quit prior to the launch of the “ultimate bra” last year and has since, found work for an electronics company. At first, Wayne, who is still with Lena, is reluctant because he has a fear of babies. However, Johnny assures him that all will be okay. When the team cannot get the motivation to create a worthy product, the company hires baby expert Boey, who finds herself attracted to Wayne. Meanwhile, Johnny begins to become attracted to his new secretary Samantha, who without medication, goes into hyper mode. Things for Wayne and Lena become even more complicated when they find themselves taking care of a baby left at their home by young mother Ginger. With time running out, the team must set aside all their differences and create the Mighty Baby product or they lose more than their jobs.

La Brassiere was a funny movie that highlighted the comedic talents of Sean Lau, Louis Koo, and Gigi Leung, who drive the script by Chan Hing-Ka and Amy Chin. One would have never imagined that Chin and Chan would come up with a sequel, but in this day of age, if films are successful, sequels could end up in development and that’s exactly what happened. Instead of coming up with another film about bras, the concept would show the cast returning to tackle baby products.

The trio of leads Sean Lau, Louis Koo, and Gigi Leung are back and they make it clear in terms of why this is a direct sequel as some of their comic trademarks from the original film are there. Leung’s Lena continues to do her exaggerated sigh noise that at this point annoys the bejesus out of Koo’s Wayne, who despite being in a loving relationship with Lena, still brings a bit of his flirtatious side when he comes across a room full of young mothers. As for Lau, his comic antics are slightly amped up from the previous film showing why he is a driving force of the film.

Rosamund Kwan’s ageless beauty helps her in her role of Samantha, Johnny’s secretary and eventual love interest who needs medication to calm herself down but her hyper mode is at times quite funny. Cecilia Cheung’s Boey may seem a bit out of place in terms of her relationship with Koo’s Wayne. However, there is a bit of a twist with her character. Cherrie Ying brings a level of insightful immaturity as Ginger, a young mother who is ashamed of having forced to be a mother and leaves her baby with Wayne and Lena. It shows Ying as a pretty good novice actress who would later re-team with Sean Lau in Itchy Heart in 2004. Carina Lau sadly only returns to a cameo appearance in her role from the original film.

Mighty Baby may not be as hysterical as the original but it does have its moment, once again highlighting the comedic talents of Sean Lau, Louis Koo, and Gigi Leung, with ample support from Rosamund Kwan and Cecilia Cheung.


China Star Entertainment Limited presents a One Hundred Years of Film production in association with Icon Pictures Ltd. Directors: Chan Hing-Ka and Patrick Leung. Producers: Chan Hing-Ka and Amy Chin. Writers: Chan Hing-Ka and Amy Chin. Cinematography: Poon Yiu-Ming. Editing: Chan Ki-Hop.

Cast: Sean Lau, Louis Koo, Gigi Leung, Rosamund Kwan, Cecilia Cheung, Carina Lau, Chapman To, Cherrie Ying, Jim Chim, Tats Lau, Chikako Aoyama, Vincci Cheuk, Rosemary Vandenbroucke,
Rachel Ngan.