Welcome Back, Team Ramrod: “Super Troopers 2” in Full Swing with Cast Additions


In 2001, the comedy troupe known as Broken Lizard unleashed the very hilarious indie police comedy Super Troopers, which pitted the team’s Vermont State Troopers against the likes of the local Spurbury police while causing many shenanigans…yes, those shenanigans!

Flash forward to 2015, when Broken Lizard were given the greenlight for the long awaited sequel with one little catch: they needed to fund the film themselves and had started a Kickstarter fund with a $2 million goal. And what happened? In just over 24 hours, they got their goal and by the end of the deadline, they earned more than double their goal, which guaranteed the film was happening.

After some shooting in October in 2015, production on Super Troopers 2 is now in full swing with production happening in Boston. The Broken Lizard team, Jay ChadrasekharSteve LemmePaul SoterErik Stolhanske, and Kevin Heffernan are back in their signature roles of Ramathorn, Mac, Foster, Rabbit, and of course…Farva!

From what it sounds like considering the cast additions to the film, we could be seeing our State Troopers taking on the likes of Canadian mounties this time around. Will SassoHayes MacArthur, and Tyler Labine will be playing a trio of mounties who find Americans obnoxious with Emmanuelle Chriqui as a French-Canadian cultural attache who tries to smooth relationships between Canada and the U.S. Rob Lowe will be playing a mayor, while Lynda Carter will be reprising her role of Govenor Jessman in the original film.

Fox Searchlight will be ready to unleash Super Troopers 2 sometime in 2017.

H/T: Dark Horizons (1), Dark Horizons (2), Deadline, /Film, Lynda Carter Official Facebook


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