It’s that time ladies and gentlemen! It is time to unleash September’s Indie Action Spotlight and we begin with some fan favorites:

Andy Le and Daniel Mah of Martial Club present a tutorial on learning a technique called the Butterfly Kick. This move has been used and is the basis of various moves seen in fight scenes today.

If you don’t know the name Amy Johnston, you will very soon. She has appeared in the web series pilot Dragon Ball Z: The Light of Hope as Android 18 and takes the lead in Lady Bloodfight, directed by Chris Nahon.

Berbeda (Absurd) is an Indonesian short action film by Firman H. Naviansyah and features a one-on-many fight scene in which the character he plays takes on four villains.

Hong Kong Shogun is a short action film which we get to see Maria Tran and Juju Chan.  International P.I; Charlie (Tran), teaming up with larrikin rookie Tom (Xin Wuku Sarith) to find the criminal kingpin; The Hong Kong Shogun. After many mistaken identities such with Cat Burglar (Joe Fiorello), Antonio Del Toro (Andrew Dasz) and The Show Girl (Chan); they finally find what they are looking for. But are they ready to face the real shogun? Action choreography by Trung Ly.

Thirst, from director James Durham (who co-wrote the script with John Becker) is a post-apocalyptic in which the global water supply has been poisoned. A young girl struggles with questions of humanity on the brink of life and death while trying to survive with a disgraced uncle who yearns for forgiveness. Compelling characters drive a powerful tale of loss and redemption among the survivors who, tested to their limits, must decide what it means to be human. Stars Nick Duckworth, Rowan Olivia Tarmy, Jenny Donovan, Sean James, and Peter Pereyra. The film was produced by Ochros Media.

Paksi is a nearly two-minute short film about a robber who meets his match in a masked hero. The film was directed by Indonesian newcomer Khalif Abu.

Gemz, another Indonesian short action film, involves a young woman being kidnapped by some thugs. This causes two guys, Wanan and Apa, to find an old friend and come to her rescue. The film was directed by Yoga Pradana from a script by M. Kurniawan.

From Italy, we have Escape from director Pietro Reniero. In this military action short, a soldier finds himself the only remaining target of a mysterious villain, this he must find a way to…you guessed it, escape.

The Drive revolves around a young woman who is attempting to steal top secret information while a mysterious assailant attempts to stop her. But how will this end? From the minds at Bat&B Films.

Finally, we have Edge, a story of a young man who attempts to justify his actions to an older man who warns him not to continue down the path he’s on. The film was directed by Gabriel Simon and Alaa “Zak” Noweihed.

And that’s it for September’s Indie Action Spotlight. If you want to be included in October’s Indie Action Spotlight, e-mail me at worldfilmgeek@gmail.comThe deadline for October’s IAS will be October 6, 2016.