Alain Moussi in “Kickboxer: Vengeance”, premiering tomorrow.

At the Los Angeles premiere of Kickboxer: Vengeance, producer Rob Hickman gave a few details on what will be the third installment of the rebooted saga, which stars Alain Moussi as Kurt Sloan.

The second film of the series, Kickboxer: Retaliation, has recently completed shooting in Thailand with the returning Jean-Claude Van Damme, Sara Malakul Lane, and Sam Medina along with new series cast members Christopher LambertHafthor Julius Bjornsson, Mike TysonJessica JannRoy NelsonRonaldinho, and Brian Shaw.

Hickman gave only a few details on what will be the third film of the series. What he revealed is that production on the film will be set in February and the title will be…

Kickboxer: Syndicate

Interesting title, but considering the consequences that await Kurt Sloan from Vengeance to Retaliation, it does in fact make kind of sense. Dimitri Logothetis has written the new reboot as a trilogy of films so this would put the stamp on this martial arts saga.

Meanwhile, look for Kickboxer: Vengeance tomorrow in theaters and Video on Demand and look for Kickboxer: Retaliation in 2017.

H/T: Variety