Get ready to Enter the Cage in this trailer to the UK-based mixed martial arts film from director K. John McDonagh.

When a small semi pro team are given the chance to fight against one of the largest teams in the country it could be the answer to their financial problems. However they must put their lives on the line to fight in the cage of death against some of the most vicious and deadly fighters in the world. They don’t stand a chance, until a dark stranger with a darker past enters their lives.

The film stars undefeated kickboxing champion Dean Williams, Laurence Sanders, Francesca Louise White, Ben Manning, and Kru Lundy. Williams also produced the film with McDonagh also serving as the film’s screenwriter.

For more information on the film, go to the Enter the Cage Facebook Page and the Enter the Cage Twitter Page.

Enter the Cage is coming soon from Rotunda Films.