This is a new monthly feature on the WFG site entitled Indie Action Spotlight.

If there is one thing that fans can’t get enough of these days, it is action. While we have our share of A-list and B-list action films, there are those who have been making an impact on YouTube with their action packed clips. So we present you some action clips from some of the Indie fan crowds via Youtube.

The first is titled Martial Artist vs. Street Thugs from the Martial Club team. In this clip, a trio of martial arts aces take on a band of street thugs to the instrumental version of Jackie Chan‘s song “Hero’s Story”, the theme song to his iconic 1985 film Police Story.

The next is a short film entitled Poetry in Motion from the Young Masters team. The short film was shot in Austria and features Andy Le and Du An from the aforementioned Martial Club in this comedic kung fu film.

The next three clips are some fight practice clips from the LBP Stunts Chicago team. All of the short clips here were shot, edited, and choreographed by Emmanuel Manzanares, who recently worked as assistant stunt coordinator on the upcoming Kickboxer: Vengeance.

Next up, we have the always amazing Eric Jacobus, founder of the The Stunt People team. Recently wowing audiences with his perfect impersonations of moves seen in the Tekken video games, Eric recently did the same five months ago with a video where he shows the moves performed by Ken Masters in the video game Street Fighter II.

Next we have some recent showreels from the awesome talents. We have Shawn Bernal, who has appeared in recent films like Batman v. Superman and Divergent as well as Marvel/Netflix’s Daredevil.

Dennis Ruel, whose recent film Unlucky Stars showcased his amazing skills. Ruel has also appeared in the Rope-A-Dope short films as well as films like Barrio Brawler and Close Range.

Vlad Rimburg is a talent behind the scenes as an action choreographer, but has had his share of work in front of the cameras, including a role in Dennis Ruel’s Unlucky Stars, where he also choreographed the action. His recent work includes the Bollywood remake of WarriorBrothers.

The Indie Action Spotlight is something new that will be included on the first Friday of each month. If you have any clips you want to share as part of the IAS, send an e-mail to with a link of your clip as well as information behind it so it can be included in September’s Indie Action Spotlight.

For more information on the filmmakers behind the clips here, click on the highlighted links to access their YouTube channels and subscribe to them.