Welcome Back MST3K! See You on Netflix


In what can be astounding news, one of the best shows to feature “bad movies” done in such a funny manner is making a comeback and it will be exclusive on Netflix.

Mystery Science Theater 3000, or MST3K for short, is returning on the streaming service with brand new episodes. The announcement was made this past weekend via Twitter and at the San Diego Comic-Con.

The series, created by Joel Hodgson, began as a local program in Minneapolis in 1988, only to be picked up by Comedy Central in 1989 until 1997 when Syfy Channel picked it up, ultimately cancelling the series in 1999. The series has quite an interesting concept: Hodgson played a janitor forced to watch B-movies by two mad scientists who want to take over the world. The janitor creates a few robots, Crow T. Robot, Tom Servo , and Gypsy to help him keep his sanity. The janitor and his robot companions would watch the films and rib at the film every chance they had…think of it as watching a bad movie with your best friends and laughing your butt off while ribbing it.

The series has gained a huge cult following and Hodgson felt it was time to attempt a revival. Teaming up with Shout!Factory, Hodgson created a Kickstarter in which he asked for $2 million to start a 12-episode season. The result was that fans donated nearly triple the amount, making the revival likely to happen. This past weekend, Netflix announced they will air the brand new season of MST3K.

For this new installment, which will have 14 episodes, Felicia Day will star as Kinga Forrester, daughter of one of the original series’ mad scientists, Dr. Clayton Forrester and Patton Oswald as Son of TV’s Frank. Hampton Yount and Baron Vaughn will voice two of the robotic sidekicks. Jonah Ray of Nerdist fame, will star as the new host of the series, named Mads. Returning from the original series are Mary Jo Pehl (Pearl Forrester), Bill Corbett (Crow T. Robot), and Kevin Murphy (Professor Bobo/Tom Servo).

Joel McHale from Community and The Soup, and Dan Harmon are serving as writers on the new series. Elliot Kalan will serve as the head writer.

Look out for the new MST3K on Netflix sometime in late 2016 or early 2017 as production began this past January on the new series.

H/T: The Hollywood Reporter

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