An underrated gem from the mind of legendary filmmaker John Carpenter is the 1984 sci-fi drama Starman, which starred Jeff Bridges as an alien who takes the form of recently deceased man who connects with the man’s widow (Karen Allen) to get her help in his return home.

The film was later adapted into a television series with Robert Hays as the alien, now taking the form of a deceased helicopter pilot who connects with his human form’s son, played by Christopher Daniel Barnes, to evade government forces so he can return home.

Now, it looks like a big-screen remake of the original 1984 film is in the works with Shawn Levy set to direct the film. Speaking with Coming Soon about the plans, this is what he had to say about tacking the project:

“To me, I think it’s brilliant. It was an Oscar nomination for Jeff Bridges, it’s thick with ideas and incredibly rich with romantic feelings, and those are the things I’m going to carry over into this updated version. I don’t know why it’s kind of separate in the canon of Carpenter, but I think it’s magnificent.

The premise is filled with ideas that are interesting to revisit in a different way in 2016. It fits less neatly in his genre legacy, but I think it’s absolutely one of his finest films. I am going to try to be faithful to the romantic spine to the story but also the fish-out-of-water humor which is genuinely charming and winning in a way that Carpenter and Bridges filmed it.”

Levy is best known for his directing the Night at the Museum film series as well as Real Steel and the 2006 remake of The Pink Panther. Who will be the new Starman? We shall see while the film’s development continues.

H/T: Dark Horizons