On-Set Photos: Spidey, It, Sully

Three films are currently in production and they are all of different genres…we have a superhero film, a horror film, and a biopic directed by a legend.

Looper has revealed an onslaught of photos from the set of Spider-Man: Homecoming and they involve Tom Holland in full costume as the 15-year old wall-crawling superhero. The film will hit theaters on July 3, 2017.


Next, production has begun on the long awaited theatrical adaptation of Stephen King’s It. The film’s director, Andy Muschietti, took to his Instagram to show the first on-set photos of the film, which stars Bill Skarsgard as the demonic clown Pennywise, who meets his match is six childhood friends who, as adults, are ready to take on the evil entity once again. The film will be released in 2017.

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Day one

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Finally, we have the biopic Sully, directed by Clint Eastwood. The film stars Tom Hanks as Captain “Sully” Sullenberg, a pilot who in 2009, landed his disabled plane in the Hudson River and saved the 155 people in his plane. However, an investigation may be the key to destroying the pilot’s career. Aaron Echkart and Laura Linney co-star in the film, set for release on November 9. An on-set photo comes courtesy of Entertainment Weekly and an official first still has Hanks and Eckhart.

H/T: Looper, Andy Muschietti Instagram, Dark Horizons

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