In March of 1986, action film fans were introduced to the Belgian martial arts powerhouse that is Jean-Claude Van Damme in his first major role as Soviet kickboxer Ivan Krishinsky in the now cult classic No Retreat, No Surrender.

After a home video release by New World Pictures and later, R&G Entertainment, there was never an official Region 1 DVD of the film. Instead, mainly Europe and Australia released the film on DVD under both the original title and in some cases, Karate Tiger or in the case of one distributor, Full Contact.

However, New York-based distributor Kino Lorber has announced that they will be releasing a Special Edition Blu-Ray of the 30-year old martial arts film that co-stars Kurt McKinney as the film’s hero, the late Kim Tae-Jeong as the ghost of Bruce Lee; and a cast of martial arts champions including Ron PohnelPeter “Sugarfoot” CunninghamDale Jacoby, and Timothy Baker.

Details include two cuts of the film, the original international cut and the American cut. The differences between the cuts include the U.S. cut having shots of the Space Needle in Seattle and a series of extra scenes in the international cut. There is also the use of different soundtracks in the cuts.

The international version’s theme song is “Hold on the Vision”, performed by Kevin Chalfant with legendary guitarist Joe Satriani playing the guitar solos while the U.S. New World cut has the song “Stand on Your Own”, performed by Joe Torono.

Another detail is an interview with Kurt McKinney, who after the film would go onto a successful run in the world of soap operas but returned to martial arts films in 1996’s Sworn to Justice opposite Cynthia Rothrock.

No Retreat, No Surrender will be unleashed on Blu-Ray in early 2017 from Kino Lorber.

H/T: City on Fire, The Action Elite