A group of bank robbers on a simple heist must not only face the police but someone far worse in this fast-paced thriller from director Mike Mendez.

Reports from the Los Angeles Police Department reveal that a young woman has been murdered and there have been a series of murders by someone dubbed “The Windows Killer”. Bernard, a mysterious man, heads to a local bank that is closed down. The bank, which is actually a security vault, is allowing people to get the last of their personal items. A van awaits outside the bank in which a group led by Paul is planning to rob the vault of 100 million dollars in bonds.

As the heist begins, Paul is shocked to learn that his estranged brother Danny, is working that day. However, when the group learns of a civilian in the vault, robber Tracey goes to break into the security box with the bonds. There, she finds Bernard, who is revealed to be the Windows Killer. Paul eventually makes the grisly discovery of Tracey’s corpse and to make matters worse, the police have showed up and have surrounded the building. Will the robbers make it out in time or will they fall victim to the Windows Killer, who just wants to go about his business and go home?

This is quite an interesting film in which a simple bank heist becomes a fight for survival. Cleverly written by Guy Stevenson, the film poses a pretty interesting question as to what happens when the bank robbers must contend with both police on the outside and a serial killer on the inside. What drives the film is the performances by the cast. Especially Henry Rollins, who plays the serial killer who believes he is doing God’s work. The robbers all have different personalities with leader Torrance Coombs and Mykel Shannon Jenkins playing the true level-headed members of the group.

Rollins is truly fun to watch as the serial killer when he looks all mild mannered and somehow seems to scare the bejesus out of someone just by looking at them. When he actually begins killing, he is still nonchalant. When he kills his first victim in the film, he does it in such a way that is slow and painful while the rest of the killings seem to be pretty quick because let’s just face it, we are talking about someone who is in a hurry to just leave.

Somewhere in the film, the third act, in which a SWAT-like team helps with the mission really twists the story and it virtually becomes a free-for-all by the film’s end. There is a reason for this and it is just shocking to see how the film ultimately turns out. Some unexpected turns happen and it all culminates into a shocker of an ending.

The Last Heist is actually quite a good action thriller that thrives in part to the cast, notably Henry Rollins as the last person you would ever want to face when robbing a bank. Definitely worth taking a look at.


XLrator Media presents a Benattar-Thomas Productions in association with DH Films, Parkside Pictures, and Tadross Media Group. Director: Mike Mendez. Producers: Rick Benattar and Nigel Thomas. Writer: Guy Stevenson. Cinematography: Jan-Michael Losada. Editing: Mike Mendez.

Cast: Henry Rollins, Torrance Coombs, Victoria Pratt, Michael Aaron Milligan, Mykel Shannon Jenkins, Nick Principe, Mark Kelly, Ken Lyle, Kristina Klebe, Camilla Jackson, John J. York.