After a plague of personal issues, it looks like actor Tom Sizemore is on the rise of a comeback. With his recent casting in the Shooter TV series opposite Ryan Philippe and currently shooting Felt with Russell Crowe and Liam Neeson, Sizemore is gearing up to star and produce a new film entitled The Incurables.

The film, written by Jack Reher and Jean-Marie Sobeck, is based on a New York Times-best selling novel by Jon Bassoff, Sizemore will play Walter Freeman, a 1950’s doctor who pioneered the transorbital lobotomy by using only an icepick and a hammer. Reher is set to direct the film with Scott Milam set to co-produce the film.

Reher is also known for last year’s horror action film Grizzly Maze, which stars James Marsden and Billy Bob Thornton.

Look out for more on this film as more updates arrive. A big Thank You goes to Jack Reher for announcing the film.