The video above is a pitch at a potential martial arts action film from filmmaker Kellie Madison that highlights the Indonesian martial art of pentjak silat, a style used in recent action films such as The Raid series and Merentau.

Madison’s pitch of The Gate features martial arts ace Amy Johnston taking on an array of thugs using the style to save her sister. The clip then has Johnston taking on the amazing silat fighter Cecep Arif Rahman, who gave Iko Uwais a run for his money in the now famous “kitchen fight” scene in The Raid 2 and also serves as the fight choreographer in this clip.

Amy Johnston has been making waves with her recent performance as Android 18 in the web series pilot Dragon Ball Z: The Light of Hope and will be seen sometime later this year in the female fight fest Lady Bloodfight, directed by Chris Nahon.

If Kellie Madison is able to deliver a feature film out of what is seen in this video, action films fans will truly be in for a treat. If you’re in the mood for some major butt-kicking action, then check this video out!

H/T: Film Combat Syndicate