Statham, Fan to tackle the “Meg” in 2018


One of the most legendary of sharks is going to meet its match in 2018.

Meg is a new film that is part of the recently founded Flagship Entertainment Gravity Pictures, which is part of China Media Capital and Warner Brothers Entertainment. Warner Brothers will be handling the worldwide rights excluding China, which Warner Brothers Gravity Pictures will handle the rights there.

The film will star Jason Statham as a deep sea diver who must confront his fears and face off on a suicide mission against the deadliest of marine predators in history, the Carcharadon Megalon after facing off against the deadly monster years ago in which he was forced to abort the mission and abandon his crew, including his ex-wife. Fan Bingbing will co-star as an oceanographer who hires Statham to find a disabled deep-sea submersible, in which Statham is forced to face the giant shark.

Jon Turtletaub will be directing the film with Lorenzo di BonaventuraColin Wilson, and Belle Avery producing. Dean Gregoris wrote the script based on the novel by Steve Alten.

Meg is scheduled for a March 2, 2018 release date by Warner Brothers and Gravity Pictures.


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