While I don’t watch many of today’s horror films, one of my favorite old school 80’s horror films is Return of the Living Dead starring Thom Mathews and James Karen who accidentally release nerve gas that unleashes an army of the dead upon a small town with a band of partying teens forced to survive against the horde of zombies.

Shout! Factory will be releasing a Collector’s Edition on Blu-Ray on July 19, 2016. Aside from a 2K transfer of the film, there will be over twelve hours of extras that will be featured on this exclusive 2-disc set.

Here’s what to expect on the Collector’s Edition of Return of the Living Dead:

Disc 1 will feature a 2K scan of the film; audio commentary by Gary Smart, author of The Complete History of Return of the Living Dead; and Chris Griffiths; another audio commentary by director Dan O’Bannon and production designer William Stout; a third audio commentary with Stout alongside co-stars Don CalfaLinnea QuigleyBrian Peck, Beverly Randolph, and Allan TrautmanThe Decade of Darkness, a featurette on 80’s horror films; trailers, TV spots, still galleries, “zombie subtitles”, and another featurette titled In Their Own Words – The Zombies Speak.

Disc 2 will featurettes on the music and visual effects of the film; a workprint of the film that adds 20 minutes of additional footage; a 2-hour documentary on the making of the film; an interview with John A. Russo; a featurette with interviews with cast members of the film; and a featurette featuring interviews with O’Bannon and Stout.

For a complete breakdown of the Blu-Ray, go to Shout! Factory and await the Return of the Living Dead once again with the Collector’s Edition Blu-Ray on July 19, 2016.