The action packed sequel SPL 2: A Time of Consequences will be unleashed in theaters in the United States on May 13, 2016 from Well Go USA under the title Killzone 2.

For those who are wondering why the film is being called Killzone 2 and wonder where is Killzone 1, that honor goes to the original SPL, which was released straight to DVD in September 2006 from Dragon Dynasty.

While the original film starred Donnie Yen and Sammo Hung, this sequel is actually a thematic sequel that stars Wu Jing as an undercover cop whose cover is blown and as a result, sent to a prison in Thailand. There, he runs into Tony Jaa‘s prison guard and at first the two go to blows until it is revealed that Wu is in fact the man Jaa is looking for as a bone marrow donor for his sick daughter. The duo must take on the warden, played by Max Zhang, who has a deadly operation within the prison.

Check out the trailer to the film below:

The film has just won the Best Action Choreography award at the 35th annual Hong Kong Film Awards. Look for Killzone 2 (aka SPL 2) on May 13 in theaters.