Kung Fu Meets Drumming in “East Meets West”

The worlds of kung fu and competitive bands combine in the award-winning documentary East Meets West, from filmmaker Donald Flaherty and features actor and stuntman Morgan Benoit, who is best known for his appearances in The Forbidden Kingdom and doing both acting and stunts on the AMC series Into the Badlands.

The 46-minute film documents the journey of 16 members of the Lai Zhou Martial Arts School of China as they head off to California and meet with the Gold Drum and Bugle Corps. There, the two groups join forces on a national tour which melds Gold’s competitive drumming and Lai Zhou’s talents martial arts skills. In the midst of it all, these two groups truly bond and soon find themselves becoming the best of friends while learning each other’s customs.

Check out the full film above as it is a wonderful delight. A big thank you goes out to filmmaker Donald Flaherty for the link and creating a wonderful film about friendships, music, and kung fu.

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