An exciting short film from French martial artist and filmmaker Godefroy Ryckewaert is exactly why I love independent cinema.

Entitled The Adventures of Tranh and Nowak, this short film is an action comedy that revolves around the titular pair, two agents with elite fighting skills whose expertise is undercover operations. Of course, this pair is mismatched with Tranh being the more calm and collection of the duo and Nowak being the reckless one. In this film, their mission is to retrieve stolen painting from a Neo-Nazi collector, Otto von Schnitzel.

The film stars Geneviève DoangQuentin d’Hainaut, and Simon Dubreucq. Ryckewart also heads the fight choreography team with Kefi Abrikh and Damien Buffard. The short film is available to view on Youtube (above in French and parts in German with English subtitles) and it is quite a fun film. I hope you enjoy the film as much as I did.

For more on director Godefroy Ryckewaert, check out his Youtube channel. You can also check out more short films like this on KIWI Collectif Creatif‘s official Youtube channel.