Donnie Yen to Make a “Point” Again!


While doing press junkets for Ip Man 3, which is getting its official U.S. debut tomorrow, Donnie Yen has announced he has another project in development?

The film in mind? A sequel to his 2007 action thriller Flash Point. For those who have not seen it, I highly recommend this film to any action film fan. In the original film, Yen plays a highly unorthodox police officer who sends in an undercover, played by Louis Koo (SPL 2) and must go after a trio of deadly Vietnamese brothers.

The film is best noted for Yen’s infusion of mixed martial arts in his choreography, thanks to the help of longtime friend John Salvitti. The climactic fight, pitting Yen and lead villain actor Collin Chou, is hailed as one of Yen’s best fights seen on screen.

All that is revealed is that the film is in development. There are no plot details or casting details at this time. However, whatever Yen has up his sleeve, it is sure to be well worth it.

Meanwhile, check out Ip Man 3 at a theater near you tomorrow in a limited release before its DVD and Blu-Ray release in April from Well Go USA.

H/T: M.A.A.C.

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