Yes folks, the Portakalos family is back in a sequel that no one may have expected, but myself being a fan of the original 2003 film My Big Fat Greek Wedding, expect more hysterics from this Greek family. NBC’s Today Show has posted the first trailer of the upcoming sequel.

The original cast, including Nia Vardalos as Toula Portokalos-Miller, John Corbett as Ian Miller, Michael Constantine as patriarch Costa “Gus”, Lainie Kazan as martiarch Maria, Louis Mandylor as Nick, Andrea Martin as Aunt Voula, are back in the sequel, which was directed by Kirk Jones (What to Expect When You’re Expecting).

In the sequel, Toula and Ian must deal with their daughter Paris, who is now a high school senior who is gearing up for college to get away from the constant interference of her family, much like her mother attempted to do in the original film. However, the “Big Fat Greek Wedding” this time around is that of Gus and Maria, who learn that the judge who married them never officially signed the certificate, thus nulling their marriage. Now, the family gathers together to make this Portakalos wedding official!!!

Nia Vardalos wrote the script with Tom Hanks, Rita Wilson, and Gary Goetzman returning as producers. My Big Fat Greek Wedding 2 is due for release on March 25, 2016 from Universal Pictures.