Scream Factory will be unleashing the Japanese auteur Takashi Miike’s 2014 horror film Over Your Dead Body.

In this dark tale set on the stage, Ko Shibasaki (Battle Royale) plays a popular stage actress who stars in a new ghost story based on the popular story Yotsuya Kaidan and has her boyfriend in the play, despite him being a relative unknown. Along with two other actors, the line between reality and fantasy are drawn out with the complicated love lives of the cast as well as some dark obsessions, that can potentially culminate into something extreme deadly.

Ebizo Ichikawa, Miho Nakanishi, and Hideaki Ito co-star in the film. Kikumi Yamaguchi wrote the screenplay with Miike, one of the masters of J-Horror, showing why he is just that.

Over Your Dead Body will be released on DVD, Blu-Ray, and Video on Demand on January 5, 2016 from Scream Factory.