“The Raid 2” stars reunite to take a “Headshot”


Things are clearly looking up for Indonesian martial artist and action star Iko Uwais. With Beyond Skyline already in the can and set to join forces with Mark Walhberg and Ronda Rousey on MIle 22 this Spring, Iko is returning home for his next action thriller.

The film is titled Headshot and it will be directed by the duo of Kimo Stamboel and Timo Tjahjanto, also known as the Mo Brothers. Uwais will play an amnesiac who somehow finds himself targeted as he is being nursed back to health. What will get the fans going is that the film will co-star two actors who appeared with Uwais in The Raid 2: Julie Estelle (who played Hammer Girl) and Very Tri Yulisman (who played Baseball Bat Man). Singaporean actor Sunny Pang also co-stars in the film, which is scheduled to begin production very soon.

If you haven’t seen The Raid 2, then it’s best you see this film as soon as possible alongside the film that started it all, The Raid: Redemption.

Headshot is due for a 2016 release.

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