On October 23, Heo Jong-Ho’s crime comedy The Advocate: A Missing Body will be coming to theaters in a limited release in North America from CJ Entertainment USA. Here’s the plot of the story:

Byun Ho-sung (Lee Sun-kyun, A Hard Day) is a stylish lawyer with a penchant for “creatively” winning cases for his wealthy clients. His latest case is defending a corporate employee accused of murdering his girlfriend, but of course there is a catch – There’s no body to be found. Intent on besting former flame Prosecutor Jin Sun-mi (Kim Go Eun, A Muse) in the courtroom, Byun will do anything to prove his, likely guilty, client innocent. But, as Byun and Jin’s investigations intertwine, they begin to unravel a case fraught with political intrigue and revenge. Will Byun and loyal sidekick Mr. Park (Im Won-hee, Crying Fist) be able to crack the case before they themselves are wrongly implicated for the crime?

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