Fans of classic kung fu films will enjoy this short film from writer/director Tran Quoc Bao, which features the talents of Andy Le and Ken Quitugua.

The Challenger revolves around estranged Kung Fu classmates are reunited when their master is mysteriously killed in a challenge match. Despite work, family demands, and being dismally out of shape, the sworn brothers must keep their vows made long ago – to defend the honor of the clan at any price.

The following video is an eight-minute prequel to what Bao and his team hopes to be a feature film.

Andy Le is part of the Martial Club team while Ken Quitugua was an original member of ZeroGravity Stunts and has appeared in the short film Rope a Dope 2 and the feature film Unlucky Stars: The Movie. Quitugua, a senior instructor in Northern Shaolin Kung Fu, choreographed the action and brings back that taste of the classic 70’s kung fu film.

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Check out Andy Le and the Martial Club team on their Youtube channel as well as Ken Quitugua’s Youtube channel for more videos from these action talents.