Okay fans! After successful screenings in films festivals and most recently, in New York and Los Angeles, The Martial Arts Kid may be coming to a theater near you!

Tugg has set up a series of screenings across the country, including screenings in Michigan, Texas, VIrginia, Georgia, and Florida, where the film is set. The planned screenings are set for the last two weeks of October. Click on the Tugg link to see where you can reserve your tickets for the screenings.

The film, starring martial arts legends Don “The Dragon” Wilson and Cynthia Rothrock, has been getting rave reviews for its conveyance of anti-bullying.

I has reserved my ticket for the October 27th screening at Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida. Hope everyone gets a chance to check out a really feel-good family martial arts film with an important message.

For more information on the film go to the official Martial Arts Kid homepage and to reserve your tickets for the screenings, go to Tugg.