Robert Samuels is a martial artist who got his start in the world of Hong Kong action films. He was so impressive that he actually had joined Sammo Hung’s stunt team in the early 1990’s. Having returned to the U.S., he has been active in indie action films, including 2001’s Blazin’ and 2006’s Seven Mummies.

Now, Samuels, alongside Kaloni Davis, will unleash the trailer of their latest film, Beast at the Urban Action Showcase on November 7 in New York CIty. The film marks the film debut of wushu expert Marco Johnson, whose father Willie Johnson is best known for his role in the short lived 90’s kids’ series WMAC Masters. The film will also star former Hong Kong action actor and current pianist Vincent Lyn.

The plot revolves around a serum with the name of the titular “Beast” that is apparently meant to create the ultimate soldier but there have been no successful trials. Two ex-military soldiers investigate the kidnapping and death of the brother of one of the duo and learn that his death somehow involves the serum and its creator. Along with two others, these ex-soldiers mean business and plan to not only avenge the fallen brother but stop the demented creator of the serum once and for all.

The film is scheduled to be released in 2016, but the world premiere of the trailer will be at the Urban Action Showcase. For tickets and information, go to For information and updates on the film, check out the film’s official Facebook page.

It’s time for the Beast to be unleashed!