Martial arts film fans, mark your calendars. On December 25, the finale of Wilson Yip’s Ip Man trilogy will be unleashed in China and Hong Kong. This will mark Donnie Yen’s final appearance as the Wing Chun grandmaster famously known for teaching the legendary Bruce Lee.

While a possible appearance of Lee is still up in the air, from what we know (could be an actor, could be CGI?), Yen will take on martial arts action star Max Zhang, who made an impact in films like The Grandmaster (another film about Ip Man starring Tony Leung as the grandmaster) and S.P.L. II: A Time for Consequences. However, the battle that everyone is talking about will pit Yen against former boxing champion turned actor Mike Tyson, who will play a real estate developer and ex-street fighter.

On the set, Yen accidentally broke Tyson’s finger with a Wing Chun elbow move during shooting their fight scene. Shortly after, Zhang accidentally busted Yen’s nose during their fight scene. This just shows the hard work and dedication the three have put into making the film and fight scenes realistic. Ip Man 3 will be unleashed this Christmas in China and Hong Kong with a 2016 release in the United States from Well Go USA.

H/T: Film Combat Syndicate