Australian born stunt performer and actress Zoe Bell is returning in a new film from director Raze and McCanick helmer Josh C. Waller entitled Camino. Bell is known for her stunt doubling the likes of Lucy Lawless on the series Xena: Warrior Princess and Uma Thurman in Kill Bill. She has done her fair share of action in front of the cameras in films like Death Proof, Game of Death, Raze, and recently, Mercenaries.

Set in 1985, war photographer Avery Taggert (Zoë Bell) has built a solid career with her stark and honest imagery, all the while remaining emotionally distant from her subjects. When she embeds in the jungles of Colombia with a squad of missionaries led by a beloved and charismatic Spaniard known as “El Guero” (director Nacho Vigalondo in a rare acting role), she finds herself in the middle of a conflict as violent as any she’s photographed. One night, she happens upon El Guero committing a heinous atrocity, capturing the vile act on film, an image with the potential to discredit and destroy El Guero. Knowing this brilliant psychopath will employ every tactic at his disposal to destroy that photograph – and the photographer who took it – Avery flees into the harsh jungle with nothing but the camera hanging around her neck to escape from missionaries twisted into violent guerrillas by the madman intent on destroying all enemies.

The film, produced by Bleiberg Entertainment, will be released in 2016 by XLRator Media under their Turbo banner.